We Have a Theory:

Working toward something greater while pursuing your personal fitness goals can create lifelong habits ­– and empower every one of our members to make a difference for others. That's the higher purpose at the heart of Fit For Good.

For the first time in history, this generation of children is projected to live shorter lives than their parents due to obesity. It's our mission to help turn the tide of this epidemic with a tribe of people who want to create lasting change.

Together, we can reverse these troubling trends:

Join the Mission to get America Moving Again

We know the demands of daily life can make living a healthy lifestyle more challenging. Our goal is to provide an easy, straightforward way to help you create lifelong healthy habits – while helping others.

Every month, a portion of your membership fees help provide fitness and nutrition programming for schoolchildren in need through DonorsChoose.org. By working together on weekly challenges, we generate even greater donations. And as part of our commitment to helping turn the tide on obesity, each year, Fit For Good will also donate our time and our services to causes that create a healthier world.  

With a plan that fits your goals, your schedule, your budget, and your values, transformation becomes more achievable.