A Little Story about the Founder and Fit For Good


I have always lived a life of movement – athletically speaking. It started at a young age, immersed in the world of competitive gymnastics, until injury forced me to step away in high school. After spending five days a week in a gym, I needed something more to fill my time and burn the excess energy I didn’t really understand I had at the time. As such, I decided to give Track and Field a shot, and that seemed to work, as I ended up running for my high school team all four years.

Once off to college, I realized I needed a new exercise outlet, as this had been my way of life for as long as I could remember. I started running casually just to keep my body active, but mostly to try to burn all those extra beer calories I wasn’t used to consuming – just a couple miles here and there a few times a week.


As I began working full-time, and realizing the pressures of professional life, my casual running turned into a way to burn stress – my escape from the office craziness. As years passed and jobs changed, running remained a consistent part of my life. I decided to try some 5Ks, which led to 10Ks, then half marathons and finally, full marathons. I didn’t do it for any competitive reason; I just did it because I began to feel the need for additional purpose behind the constant pounding of the pavement.

During my distance running training, I realized the absolute truth in the simple idea of, “plan the work, work the plan." It really is that simple. The pursuit of any goal shouldn’t be focused on the end game – it’s all about today’s goal. Bite-sized goals. Who cares what went down yesterday? And I’m not going to even think about what I need to do tomorrow. What’s my plan for today?


As the years passed, and my marketing career took-off, exercise began to take more and more of a backseat, and my body took notice. At the end of 2010, I made a commitment to get active again – working out, eating a little better and drinking the water that everyone says is so important. (It is – please drink the water). It was in January of 2012 that I decided to dive into the world of triathlon – because why not try to do three sports? Swim. Bike. Run.

We know I have done the running thing, but let’s be clear, the swimming and biking thing – not so much. In fact, the only thing I knew about swimming was how to not drown, and biking was something I did on a Huffy when I was a kid. But hey, everyone starts somewhere, and I knew it would come down to: one day, one workout at a time.

As if trying three sports wasn’t enough, I decided my first race would be a half Ironman – 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike and 13.1mi run. Sadly, my rationale was pretty simple – you’re a terrible swimmer, and you’ve never really cycled before, so any kind of “sprint” race would be, well, laughable at best. I already knew I could “handle” endurance races based on the marathons of the past, so that’s how I’d treat it – just a different kind of endurance race.

With lots of support from family and friends, it was four months later that I started, and finished, my first half Ironman. I placed 52nd out of 84 amazing women in my age group. I learned a ton from that experience, and five months later, in my second race, I miraculously finished 16th out of 108 within my age group. There it was again – the realization of the simple fact that anyone can do anything if they plan the work, and work the plan.

I continued down the path of triathlon in 2013 with the determination to better my results, but as luck would have it, in my last race of 2013, I would go down on the bike and suffer an injury that took me out of the sport for almost a year. As I stepped away from training, it gave me time to take a breath. While still working hard, I shifted my extra time to travel, friends and fun again. This gave me a renewed perspective and forced me to ask the big, scary question, “now what?”


Professionally speaking, I enjoyed a successful career in marketing. I worked for some amazing companies, like Disney, DHL and Kaplan. But while I felt proud of my career, I had an itch to do something more – something that was more in line with my personal interests – and with more opportunity to give back in a bigger way.

Throughout the years, I found myself helping others with their health and fitness goals on the side. I loved talking about health, fitness and well-being; I loved seeing others try things they didn’t think they could accomplish. I was offering tips and tricks to help people get off the couch, or get a little stronger, or faster, or leaner – for no other reason than because someone asked me, and I loved the idea of helping others. I left corporate America in early 2017 and started down the path of dreaming up the concept behind Fit For Good.


Over the years, I had paid close attention to health trends, fitness trends, nutrition trends, etc. There is so much information out there; so many recommendations out there, yet, there was one fact that I kept coming back to over and over again - the obesity epidemic. It is no secret that we have an obesity problem in this country, and what’s incredibly scary is that children are being more impacted by this epidemic than ever before. It has been cited that this is the first generation of children who may not outlive their parents.

I believe that most people would say, I wish I could work out more. I wish I ate better. I wish I lived a healthier lifestyle. What does that mean though? And with the pace of daily life, adults often find it difficult to focus on their health, either because of time, money, or a combination of both. That’s reality. That’s life.

On the opposite side of the coin, it was really important for me to steep this company in social good. I believe people are inherently good and would like more opportunity to give back to their communities. But again, those two common barriers of time and money rear their heads.  It requires time and/or money to help causes, to volunteer, to give back. And like finding that balance of living a healthy lifestyle, for some, it’s really hard to find that extra time and that extra money. Again, that’s reality. That’s life.

So then, my mission was to create a company that helped to break down the time and money barriers on both fronts - how can Fit For Good help? How can I help individuals adopt healthy habits, stay active, and eat better? How can I give back to others in need, while pushing against the tide of the larger obesity epidemic?

  • What if I could marry convenience, flexibility, and affordable personal training?
  • What if I could help people better understand what it means to live healthy?
  • What if I could break down what feels like that overwhelming journey into a more bite-sized, step-by-step approach, filled with little wins?
  • What if I could help create a tribe that were not only focused on doing their own bodies good, but who also wanted to do good for others?
  • What if we could actively support health and wellness programs for children all across the country?

And so, Fit For Good was created to do just that. I would welcome the opportunity to take this journey together – join me, and the rest of the tribe, to create a healthier you and a healthier community!

Be Healthy,

Sharon O’Donnell

Founder & Certified Master Personal Fitness Trainer